About the workshop:
Open access to scientific content removes barriers for accessing research outcomes. Several for-profit and non-profit cases have demonstrated their sustainability in this endeavor to date. However, leveraging the full potential of open access requires considering all aspects of scholarly lifecycle and thematic search and discovery mechanisms.

In the framework of the 4th International Workshop on Metadata and Semantics for Agriculture, Food and Environment, which will be hosted as a special track of MTSR 2011 Conference, the VOA3R project is organizing an open access review experiment, where an alternative review process for scientific papers will be used, reviewed and compared to the traditional ones. In this process, submitted papers will be publicly uploaded in this blog and reviewed by both peer-experts and various stakeholders, in the form of blog comments. The authors of the papers will have the opportunity to reply to these comments and as a result, through an open conversation valuable revisions and conclusions can be exported.

The previous experiment of this series was conducted during the EFITA 2011 Conference, in the VOA3R 2011 Workshop (Prague, Czech Republic, July 13th, 2011). The blog used for conducting that experiment, along with the uploaded submitted papers and comments can be found here.

The workshop will serve as a testbed for adopting alternative review models: The papers uploaded in this blog have already been through a traditional review process of blind peer-reviewing. However, the initially submitted versions of these papers will also be reviewed openly via comments through this blog. For more instructions see the Submissions and Review section.